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4 Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

4 Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

19th May 2020

There are multiple causes of low water pressure. Some may stem from your water heater, while others may not. However one thing is certain: Low water pressure can make dish and laundry washing as well as bathing and showering, a chore. In this post, we will look at several possible causes for a loss of water pressure in your home and what you can do to address the problem.

  • Faulty fixtures: One reason that the water pressure in your home may be low is that your fixtures are old or in need of repair or replacement. Shower heads or faucets, for example, can become clogged by rust, limestone or dirt. If you suspect this is the case simply remove the faucet head to see if the filter is clogged by these elements. You can also purchase calcium and lime removers online.
  • Clogged water pipes: If your fixtures are new and not clogged by debris, it could mean that your water pipes themselves are stopped up. For this it is best to call a professional as attempting to unclog your pipes by yourself could actually damage them.
  • Leaking pipes: It will be very easy to see if your pipes are leaking. A leaky pipe lowers water pressure by redirecting the water flow to the hole(s) in the pipe. There are some on market solutions you can try if you wish to save money and are handy at home repairs or you can call a plumber who will know how to repair the leak or replace the pipe if necessary.
  • Hard water buildup in your water heater: Hard-water that has accumulated in the pipes connecting to your water heater can result in low pressure as can sediment in the hot water tank.

In short, if the water pressure in your home or business is insufficient, then the problem could be as simple as one of the causes above. However, it may also be that it is time for a replacement unit. We have a number of high quality brands so we are bound to have a commercial water heater and or residential unit that are right for your home or business. Our AO Smith 100 gallon water heater is our top of the line unit that can provide you with more than a decade of reliable and efficient service.