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An American Standard Water Heater

11th Nov 2021

The American Standard Commercial Water Heater

 is known for its high

quality. Using this brand is sure to provide you with a reliable product for years to

come. They offer BTUs between the ranges of 71,600 to 512,000 BTUs allowing

these commercial water heaters to be used in a variety of locations. The American

Standard Commercial Water Heater is commonly found in restaurants, apartment

buildings, hotels, and even hospitals. There are both gas and electric options to

accommodate locations of various climates.

American Standard offers storage tanks that allow large quantities of hot

water to be produced in short periods of time. Each commercial water heater is

insulated with energy saving non-CFC foam insulation and a pressure relief valve.

These precautions will save money long-term and act as safety precautions. The

American Standard also offers an easy access hand-hole cleanout for inspections

and internal tank cleaning making it an ideal choice. You are sure to appreciate this

long-term convenience.

The American Standard Commercial Water Heater also offers a 3 year limited

warranty and a 5 year limited warranty on the storage tank options. There is also a

1-year warranty on all component parts. If you need assistance with your American

Standard water heater, our team of trained professionals would be happy to help.

We would also be happy to help advise you on the best option available for your

location as well. Depending on what type of commercial space you have, will dictate

which water heater is the best selection. We look forward to helping you with all of

your commercial water heater needs for years to come.