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Cold Weather and Your Commercial Water Heater

Cold Weather and Your Commercial Water Heater

9th Aug 2021

It is no secret that cold weather can dramatically affect your commercial water heater. The cooler temperatures can freeze your pipes causing them to over expand and can thereby cause them to burst. Any issues with your pipes can cause your water heater to have to work harder. Sometimes that cold weather can cause small little cracks in the pipes that produce small leaks that often go undetected. These small leaks tend to be some of the most destructive as they can go unnoticed for significant periods of time causing prolonged water damage. Below are a few suggestions regarding your water heater during the winter months ahead.

  1. Dramatic Increase in Energy Bills: During the winter months your commercial water heater is working in over time trying to maintain the heat of the water inside of it. It is constantly loosing heat to the elements outside. An insulation jacket as well as pipe insulation is extremely beneficial in reducing energy bills and wear and tear of your water heater.
  1. Rust on Appliances: Rust on your water heater is normal but means it is likely time for a replacement. As water heaters age they tend to rust and this rust usually leads to leaks and drips. If you notice rust starting to form please give us a call to discuss replacement options.
  1. Loud Noises: Clanging noises of any kind coming from your water heater are not normal. A lot of times these noises can be resolved by adjusting the intake valves or removing the sediment.

If you find yourself in need of commercial water heaters for sale this winter we would be happy to help. Feel free to browse our website,, or give us a call to discuss your unique situation. We hope you stay safe and warm this winter!