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Facts About Commercial Water Heaters

20th Jun 2022

A commercial hot water heater is necessary for the success of nearly all businesses. From hotel chains to restaurants, businesses cannot function without the use of a proper commercial hot water heater. It is necessary to make sure that you have selected the correct hot water heater for your business and that you properly maintain it. Without maintaining your commercial water heater you will likely need to replace it more often than you should. You also run the risk of downtime for your business as it cannot function without a hot water heater. See below for a few facts about hot water heaters that you may not know.  Not confined to just tanks: Commercial water heaters come in many forms, remember that tanks are not the only option. There are also tankless, gas, and electric. Make sure that you consider which options are the right fit for your business.  Take a lot of energy: Roughly 25% of residential energy use comes from just heating water within the home. Now imagine this on a commercial level and you can see how quickly the energy costs can go up.  Must be replaced eventually: Inevitably hot water heaters will need to be replaced eventually. If you maintain it properly you will be able to keep the same hot water heater for 10+ years. If you are replacing your hot water heater more often than every 10 years you should consult with a professional as to why that might be and how to cut down on your costs.  Reduce explosion risks: If you have a gas hot water heater make sure that you periodically check for the smell of leaking gas. If you have a tank or storage hot water heater, make sure that you remove the excessive pressure by using the relief valve.