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Recirculating Pump

17th Jan 2023

As the colder winter months approach, you are likely having to wait longer and longer for hot water from your commercial water heater. A recirculating pump is an excellent way to resolve this issue. A recirculating pump allows for almost instant hot water to appear throughout your entire facility. This is wonderful news for when your commercial water heater is located far from faucets, etc. and it takes a significant amount of time to heat. There are two options that exist when it comes to a recirculating pump. 1. Full Recirculating: A full recirculating pump uses the advantage of an additional pipe installed strictly for these purposes. This pipe allows for hot water to loop from the water heater to the faucets and back. Unused hot water is then stored in the loop and made available so that hot water is immediately available for the next use. These types of systems have both sensors and timers in order to help limit its use. Sensors are used to shut the pump off once hot water has made a complete loop. Timers are also available to set a schedule for your daily hot water use. You can also use these timers to set your recirculating pump to off when you are away on vacation, etc. 2. Comfort System: This is a modified version of the full recirculating pump. The comfort system uses the existing cold-water pipe to send unused water back to the water heater. This is a cheaper option usually costing in the range of about $500-$800 dollars. However, this system does take longer to supply hot water as they share the same pipe as the cold water. If you need help selecting the proper commercial water heater for your business, we are here to help. We look forward to helping you keep warm all winter long!