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Signs Your Commercial Water Heater May Need to be Replaced

1st Mar 2019

Generally speaking, a water heater will give you a few early warning signs that it is not long for this world. The key is being able to recognize those signs and acting promptly on them so that you are not caught off guard. And when it comes to commercial businesses that rely on commercial water heaters, a sudden failure can be catastrophic in terms of revenue, reputation, etc. Heed these 5 signs that your water heater may need replacement to avoid a sudden failure to your hot water system.

  • The water isn’t heating: This one seems obvious but it can be a bit tricky. Sometimes a lack hot water could only mean that there is an increased use of water in your facility. It can also mean that there is something wrong with your commercial water heater. If you are sure that the lack of hot water is not from some other cause, then you should consider replacing it before it adversely begins to affect your business.
  • Loud noises: Loud noises emanating from your water heater can sometimes indicate the presence of calcium deposits in the tank. This buildup could eventually block your drain valve and cause you serious problems over time. This, in turn, could mean costly repair bills as well.
  • Visible rust and aging: Nothing lasts forever. Rust and visible signs of aging can mean that your water heater needs to be replaced especially if it is more than 10 years old. If your water heater still operates at peak efficiency despite its outward appearance, it may only mean that you need the advice of a professional water heater technician.
  • Rusty or discolored water: This is often a sign that your water heater is deteriorating from the inside out. Start looking for an immediate replacement if this happens and before you customers discover this problem.
  • Leaks: Leaks from a tank-type water heater generally mean that the whole unit needs to be replaced as breaches of this kind are difficult to repair. If you manage a large facility consider replacing your old unit with an AO Smith 100 gallon water heater.

    Just to recap, water heater replacement is sometime unavoidable. When a replacement is needed it is best to act immediately and to purchase the best water heater to fit the needs of your business. The above signs will help you to determine when and if you should replace your current heater saving you money in the long term, customers and your businesses’ reputation.