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The importance of hot water in the restaurant industry

The importance of hot water in the restaurant industry

Posted by Admin on 17th Feb 2021

The restaurant industry has been hit hard in the last year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Takeout is no longer for the hole in the wall on the corner but also for the upscale restaurant in the middle of the city. As patrons return to not only ordering take out but outdoor and indoor dining, a steady companion of the industry continues to work hard; hot water.

No longer coming from hot pots on the stove, having hot water throughout a restaurant is absolutely essential to keeping the site sanitary for guests and workers alike. It is law that restaurants need to maintain high levels of sanitation. Health inspections are done on a regular basis that not only cover the contents of the walk in freezer but also of the appliance and dining area. A report of food poisoning or dirty silverware will not only tarnish your reputation, it could cause you to shut down the entire operation.

Basic sanitary practices like washing your hands have been talked about more than ever in the last year. It kills bacteria and helps to stop the spread of germs and diseases, all thanks to the combination of soap and hot water. In the kitchen where food is going onto a plate, taken for service, brought to the customer, and then returned to the kitchen, the benefits of hot water are in every stage. Washing dishes whether through a sanitizing dishwashing machine or through hot water and chemicals ensures that not only is the food gone, but anything that is on the plate that shouldn’t be there is eliminated.

This continues throughout your establishment when it comes to cleaning the floors, tables, and all the equipment that is in the kitchen. Grease, sticky residue and more are always easier to clean with hot water and a little bit of arm strength. Keeping your kitchen neat and clean not only creates a healthier environment for the food that is being prepared, but also for your workers and staff without whom none of this would be possible.

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