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The Invention of the Water Heater

17th Feb 2022

The inventor of the modern day water heater is Edwin Ruud. Before the invention of the

commercial gas water heater there was no real way to control the temperature of heating

consistent amounts of water. Bath water for example was heated in a pot over a fire or over

the stove. This could mean boiling water and then combining with cold water and hoping to

maintain a tolerable temperature. This is likely why people used to bathe a lot less frequently.

Luckily, in the year 1889 Edwin Ruud designed the first automatic, storage-tank type gas water


It was a few years later in the year 1897 that Ruud patented his invention. However,

water heaters were not readily available until after the Industrial Revolution. In the year 1920

only 1% of homes had a water heater installed! State Water Heaters started selling them for

personal use in the year 1948. Many homes today still use this same form of water heater with

minimal upgrades or changes to the model developed in 1948! Before the evolution of the

commercial gas water heater the only way to naturally derive hot water was through the

occasional natural hot spring. However, this was not a regular occurrence or a controllable

temperature. Humans greatest desire with warm water became controlling a large amount at a

specific temperature.

In the 1970s the tankless water heater was invented and improved to the model that

you see today. If we can help you find the best commercial gas water heater for your business

we would be happy to help. We understand what an investment in the future success of your

business this is and want to make sure that we help you find something that will last for many

years to come.