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Water Heater Maintenance

10th Apr 2023

Water heaters work all day, every day, and all year long. It is important to keep them running efficiently. In order to keep your commercial gas water heater running smooth all year long you can follow the tips below to help keep it in excellent working order. If you find that your commercial gas water heater needs additional assistance, we are always here to help.

  • Flush water heater: You must drain your commercial gas water heater in order to flush it. Turn the gas off at the source and connect the hose at the base. You will then put the other end in a bucket. It will take roughly a full half hour to drain. Get the sediment out by opening the drain spigot and allowing water to run through until it comes out clear.
  • Adjust temperature: Gas water heater temperatures can be adjusted directly on the thermostat on the tank. Adjust them seasonally as necessary. You will also want to check the temperature release valve annually.
  • Access panel: The access panel comes off the bottom panel for a gas water heater. Blow away any excess gas before attempting to relight the pilot.
  • Relighting: In order to relight the pilot, you will want to turn the knob to the “pilot” position. Push the button to relight and hold a flame from either a lighter or a match to the pilot access opening. Hold down the reset button for 60 seconds after the pilot ignites. Turn the knob to “on.”

If you notice that your commercial gas water heater is leaking, you can check for loose drain valves. This is a simple fix. If your pipes are older you will want to insulate your water heater. Remember that both gas and electric water heaters need to be flushed in order to prevent rust and build-up.