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Winter Tips

17th Jan 2023

You will want to make sure you take proper care of your American Standard Commercial Water Heater all year long. During winter there are special precautions you will want to take to make sure that you keep your commercial water heater in optimal working condition. If you ever need any assistance with your American Standard Commercial Water Heater or are in the market for a new one, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team of specialists. We are always here to help. See below for the best tips to keep your water heater working well all winter long.  Check your temperature: Make sure that your system is set to 120 degrees. You may be tempted to turn up the temperature during the chillier months, but this can cause scaling and burning, particularly in children.  Flush your water heater: Sediment builds up over time and can settle into the bottom of the tank. This sediment causes a decrease in the efficiency of your system making it work harder. You can prevent this problem by simply flushing your system annually. Flushing your system is a great way to increase its lifetime ensuring you will have to buy a new system less often. You may want to consider hiring a professional to help you with this step.  Add insulation: Adding insulation around your water heater can help it maintain its temperature and not have to work as hard.  Schedule maintenance: You can check on your anode rod and pressure release valve yourself in order to help maintain your water heater. However, many people prefer to hire professional assistance. We look forward to helping you find the perfect commercial water heater for your business. If you have any questions about which system is the perfect fit for your needs, we are here to help!