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Your Commercial Water Heater And Winter

Your Commercial Water Heater And Winter

13th Oct 2021

Your commercial hot water heater is constantly running. So one might wonder what makes it heating costs more expensive in the winter? There are several logical explanations for this, but you will want to make sure you are aware of them in order to properly care for your commercial hot water heater. In order to maintain a certain level of comfort, many people use warm water for longer periods and more often in the winter. In your commercial kitchen this can include longer washing of hands and using warmer temperatures than usual.

The exterior pipes freeze during winter months and the water heater itself is colder than usual. Therefore, it takes a significantly greater amount of energy in order to raise the temperature of the water. A small spike in water heating bills are to be expected during winter months. A large spike in water heating bills can be cause for concern. You will want to make sure that there is no underlying issue with your water heater or excess sediment built up. It could possibly also be failing due to age. Make sure that you inspect it for leaks or other noises that could be cause for concern.

Something you can to do help your commercial hot water heater during the winter months is to insulate your water heater and the external pipes. Utilize heat tape and wrap all the external pipes. You can also use fiber glass or polyethylene wrap. If you have any questions about your commercial hot water heater we would be happy to help. We can also offer repair solutions to your existing hot water heater that you believe to be failing.